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Vivo also has a cost-effective mobile phone Snapdragon 710 + 256GB + 4800w pixels for only a thousand yuan


In the past few years, OV has been criticized as a high price and low match. This year, OPPO has finally made a lot of changes. Reno replaces the previous R series with the main cost-effective Reno, and Reno Ace some time ago has gained a lot of consumer attention. In contrast, in addition to launching high-end NEX series in vivo, the X series, which is responsible for large shipments, is still an advertising marketing strategy. For example, the X30 released by vivo today has received a lot of complaints from netizens because of the starting price of 3298 yuan. You read that right! Vivo also has cost-effective mobile phones. The Snapdragon 710 + 256GB + 4800w pixels only cost thousands of yuan.

In order to gain the recognition of more online consumers, vivo has launched the Z series, which is a cost-effective thousand-yuan model. Now it has been updated to vivo Z5, which has 20w + sales on the JD platform with its excellent comprehensive configuration. In terms of core performance, the machine is equipped with Snapdragon 712 chip, the highest frequency of up to 2.3Ghz allows consumers to smoothly run mainstream mobile games such as King Glory. Of course, hardware alone is not enough, vivo has also made great efforts at the software level. As before, Flyme was the first to bring the mobile game mode, vivo equipped the Z5 with Multi-Turbo function, not only reducing the game's stutter, but also improving your network status.

A qualified thousand yuan gear model must have excellent battery life, vivo also adheres to this attitude to build the Z5. The machine is packed with a large 4500mAh battery in a body that is only 8.13mm thick. Even for heavy users, it can guarantee that it does not need to be charged for one day. It provides flash charging technology up to 22.5w in terms of charging rate. In comparison, the Redmi Note8 Pro, which is also equipped with a large 4500mAh battery, is only equipped with 18w charging power, and the charging process is much slower than the vivo Z5. In addition, vivo Z5 also provides an interesting function, which is the OTG reverse charging function. When your friend ’s mobile phone is out of power and needs an emergency, your mobile phone turns into a power bank. The vivo Z5's overall weight is 187g, and the user's basic feel experience has not been ignored because a large battery is inserted.

As the main online consumer model, if Z5 wants to get more people's recognition, it can only come up with a very good appearance design. The machine uses the flagship-level in-screen fingerprint for unlocking, which better guarantees the integrity of the model. Vivo Z5 brings a 6.38-inch shallow water screen with a very high screen-to-body ratio. And the screen quality is also very good, supporting DC-like dimming mode. Vivo has always worked hard on the face value of mobile phones, especially in the color matching of the back cover. The vivo Z5 offers three gradient color combinations of green, purple and silver. The back cover with wear-resistant glass looks very high-end.

With the joint efforts of manufacturers and the supply chain, Qianyuan models can also use very good camera modules. The rear of the vivo Z5 is equipped with a three-camera combination based on a 4800w pixel lens. The addition of an ultra-wide-angle lens allows you to shoot more magnificent scenery. For friends who like selfies, vivo Z5 can be regarded as an artifact. The aircraft is equipped with a single camera with 3200w pixels in the front. Through AI calculations, you can bring different beauty solutions to everyone, letting you shoot a blockbuster.

At present, the Vivo Z5 official limited time discount is 50 yuan, 6 + 256GB version 1598 yuan. It is very worthwhile to start, and it also has a very high price-performance ratio among similar products. Because the machine not only has a very high face value, but also has powerful performance and taking pictures. What do you think of the overall configuration of the vivo Z5?

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